De Boer RVS
De Boer RVS
De Boer RVS
De Boer RVS

Shrimp washing machine ESP1850 & DSP1850

De Boer RVS

Minimise bycatch, maximise yield

Our uniquely constructed shrimp washing machine with single or double drum minimises bycatch, leaving more shrimp of the right size in your catch. This generates higher yields and profits for your business.

Range of grades to suit your needs

The shrimp washing machine with double drum allows you to effortlessly sort into different grades. It comes with 6.2 mm, 6.2-8.0 mm and 8.0 mm grading screens as standard, but these can be easily adjusted to suit your specific requirements.

Unhindered Production Process

Our machine is designed to prevent blockages caused by greenery or hair, so your production process can continue uninterrupted. Besides being quick to clean, the shrimp washing machine with single or double drum requires little maintenance and has replaceable bearings and drives, ensuring reliable operation that lasts.

Product details

This technical drawing can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.


  • Dimensions: 1850 mm x 460 mm
  • Grading drum range: 5.0 mm-15 mm
  • Standard 380-volt drive (variable speed), optional: 24 volt and hydraulic
  • Equipped with well-in-water sorter with a single or double drum


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De Boer RVS

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