De Boer RVS
De Boer RVS
De Boer RVS
De Boer RVS

Shrimp cooker (1200 kW – 1400 kW – 1600 kW)

De Boer RVS

Cooked for Optimal Peelability

Cooking shrimps in plenty of boiling water improves their curl and makes them easier to peel.


Energy-efficiency is achieved through the maximum effectiveness of the heat exchanger. The large capacity of the machine allows you to process your catch faster, reducing diesel consumption and time worked on deck.


Independent control of cooking times and feed speeds also makes it possible to enhance the quality of the shrimp.

Product details

This technical drawing can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.


  • Dimensions: 1200 x 850 mm (1200 kW), 1400 x 850 mm (1400 kW), 1600 x 850 mm (1600 kW)
  • Capacity: Gross 400 Kg (1200 kW), Gross 450 Kg (1400 kW), Gross 625 Kg (1600 kW)
  • Standard 380-volt drive (variable speed), optional: 24 volt and hydraulic.


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De Boer RVS

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De Boer RVS

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