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Laser cutting

If you are looking for custom sheet-metal laser cutting services or machines, you have come to the right place. From sheet metal to a strong and durable end product, at De Boer RVS we deliver precision and quality that lasts. With our professional fibre laser cutter, the Eagle eVision 1530 6kW, we can effortlessly process sheet metal. We have been laser cutting for years and are recognised as a specialist machine builder for the fishing, dairy, canning and meat processing industries, among others.

We can cut sheets up to a thickness of:

black steel         25 mm
stainless steel   30 mm
aluminium        25 mm

We offer short and flexible delivery times.

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De Boer RVS
De Boer RVS

From plate to product

High-precision laser cutting

From machine parts to structural components and housings: with us, you can rest assured that each piece of sheet metal meets the requirements. Our advanced laser cutting machines allow us to operate with extreme efficiency without ever having to compromise on quality. If you need custom stainless steel fabrication, you can safely leave it to us. Want to future-proof your production line? We can arrange this for you in no time. Our team of dedicated professionals always deliver top-quality sheet metal work that meets the highest standards. By helping to enhance your production process, we contribute to the success of your business!

Solutions for today and tomorrow

When you partner with us, you get high-quality machinery and equipment that increase productivity and lower operating costs. We achieve this by delivering solutions such as energy-efficient systems and quality you can build on for years to come. Good for you and good for the planet. If you have complex laser cutting requirements, let’s meet the challenge together. That way we can guarantee a reliable custom solution that will last.

From ambitious projects to tiny details

For anything from major pieces of equipment to the smallest cog, you can count on us. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your needs. Whatever you want or envisage will be engineered on our own workbench. Whether it’s a large batch or individual items, we will ensure that the steel, aluminium or stainless steel plate is machined with the highest degree of precision. Far from being daunted by innovation, it is what drives us. So feel free to present your crazy idea! Together, we will turn it into a great success.

De Boer RVS
De Boer RVS

Partner with De Boer RVS?

At De Boer RVS, we believe in partnering and collaborating closely with our clients. As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel products, we take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs and requirements. We then provide tailored solutions that meet their expectations. Our expertise and experience in stainless steel production enable us to supply reliable, durable and sustainable products that meet the highest quality standards.

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