Dutch Shrimp

If you need us to design a machine for shrimp processing, we pay particular attention to what you want to put on the consumer’s dinner plate: fresh shrimp, the best quality, yet affordable. Production costs must be as low as possible and time-to-market must be fast. And, you also want the process to be environmentally conscious.

All your requirements will be satisfied with De Boer RVS machines and you also keep costs down. For all phases of production, whether it be cooking, sorting or cooling, we offer innovative, environmentally friendly and reliable machines. The end result is a dream catch with huge amounts of fit-for-use shrimp with a nicely curved shape that are easy to peel and are... fresh!

Each and every machine is easy to operate and keep clean. Listed below, you will find the machines that will greatly improve your production process from the very first day of use.